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Executive House Condominium

Notice to Potential/New Owners and Realtors

TO:           Realtors

FR:           Executive House Board of Directors - 2021

RE:           Prospective Sellers/Buyers/Tenants of Executive House, Hackensack, NJ

Welcome to Executive House Condominium. We have prepared this memo in an effort to help answer frequently asked questions in advance. We strongly encourage you to read this all the way through as there are some very important facts which may affect your client’s purchase or sale.

Our community is comprised of twelve stories and 126 residential units with 3 doctor/professional offices on the lobby level. The building, resting on 3.5 acres of park-like property, was built in 1962 as a luxury residential rental property that was subsequently converted to a residential condominium building in 1984.

Please observe our rules:

KEYS WILL NOT BE PERMITTED (OR TO BE HELD) AT THE FRONT DESK AT ANY TIME. Lock boxes are permitted on individual unit owner’s doors. Please leave your card at the front desk each time you visit our property noting the date and unit you are showing.


See Doorman for visitor parking. If visitor parking is unavailable, you must seek a curbside space outside the building premises.

NO smoking in common areas.

Unit maintenance fees include the following:

Monthly maintenance charge, utility charge (electric, heat/h/w), capital reserve contribution, and the Optimum fee of IO Preferred service with one free box. If a unit owner elects additional Optimum services (additional premium packages, telephone, internet), additional fees will be charged by Optimum. No other TV service is offered. Building amenities are part of the monthly fees and include: 24 hour security (doorman), indoor & outdoor common areas, pool, laundry facilities, lockable storage bin in basement, live-in superintendent. Please be aware that there are two indoor garage decks (lower & upper – upper has ground floor access) and outdoor parking is available as well. Please note that the indoor garage spaces are deeded (owned) and are billed at an additional monthly charge for maintenance, utilities & capital contribution. The outdoor spaces are not individually deeded and the monthly fee for each parking spot is $75.00. A courtesy invoice will be mailed every month. Maintenance is due on the 1 of the month. Late fees will be applied if payment is received after the 15.

Items which Seller must provide to Buyer at closing: If the following are not provided there will be a cost to secure any of these items: A copy of the EH Public Offering Statement including all amendments and resolutions; a copy of the rules and regulations; entry key cards for the parking gate, 2 key fobs (opens front and back lobby door and both upper and lower inside garage doors) garage door opener; garage door key ( if the seller owns a garage space), and mail box keys and of course, all house keys; Fowler Laundry Card.

Prior to closing of Sale/Move-in/Move-out/Deliveries

Proof of individual unit owner HO-6 insurance must be provided to RCP Management within 5 days prior to move-in. Also, move-in/move-out fees will be charged to the owner as follows: move-in non refundable fee of $250.00 and a security deposit of $500.00 which will be returned within 2 weeks if there is no damage to the hallways or elevator. Only elevator #1, which is padded during the day, can be used for any move-in, move-out. New furniture deliveries and appliance deliveries with more than a few pieces will also be charged this same fee rate. Please advise the buyer that they must contact our Property Administrator at 609 683 7980 for information on move in schedules, new furniture or appliance deliveries (with appropriate contractor/vendor information and insurance – there is a form available at the desk & on the web site) that will be made to the unit. Move-out follows the same rules. Both may only take place on a pre-scheduled and approved date between the hours of 9:00 AM and leave the building by 4:00 PM Monday – Thursday and on Fridays from 9am to 1pm; excluding building holidays, there are no exceptions.


Any and all alterations must be approved by our Management Company – insurance information must be secured prior to any work done in the unit. Alterations requiring a permit from the City of Hackensack must be secured prior to any work performed and prominently displayed on the unit owner’s door. Contractors cannot start work before 9:00 AM and must report to the front desk each and every morning and at the end of each day before 4:00 PM. A parking space will be assigned either at the outside upper garage area or lower garage area. All workers must vacate the building each day no later than 4:00 PM. The hallway in front of the door to the unit and to the elevator must be vacuumed clean of debris. Please place a covering on the floor in front of the unit you are working in. Nothing can be left in the hallways during the workday. Work cannot be done on building holidays – no exceptions.

Capital Contribution

New owners must pay a fee equal to three times the monthly maintenance fee toward a one time building capital contribution. This amount will be paid at closing.

6 Amendment to the Master Deed- 2013

New owners must own/live in the unit for one year (minimum) before it can be rented out.  

Pet Policy

Limit of two domestic felines per unit. No dogs or other animals permitted. No exceptions.

Washer & Dryers are not permitted in any unit. The laundry room facility is located on the Lower Level and current fees are as follows:

Fowler Laundry Card

Washers -         $1.25 per load

Dryers -             $1.00 per load

Large Dryers -   $.25 per 8 minutes.

Garbage disposals are also not permitted.

Trash receptacles are located on each floor of the building for your convenience. Please follow the building rules (refer to rules & regulations handbook) when disposing of large items. And yes, we recycle!

For more building information-Visit our website :

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