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Executive House Condominium

Local Vendors

The vendors listed below are based locally in NJ, and are experienced and approved by The Executive House Condominium Association because of their satisfactory previous performance.

We do not necessarily endorse any one vendor specifically, but rather, we suggest you give them a call when considering such resources. We will periodically update and/or add to this list as needed.


Contact Information

All Pest Solutions (Scott Soltis)

(732) 261 1800

Locks Main Lock

(201) 342-0530

J Keane Electric Co

(201) 997-7041

Wickersheim Plumbing

(201) 343-4157

Window Cleaning MGM

(201) 641-6251 (201) 655-3387

Blue Ocean Window Cleaning

[email protected]

(201) 244-5265

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